PenfieldAI Platform for Human-AI Automation


PenfieldAI Platform for Human-AI Automation


AI tool for Automated Workflow and Continuously Improve Processes.

About Penfield:

Penfield believes in the progress of intelligence – both human and artificial intelligence and the company’s mission is to advance human and artificial intelligence in tandem, by focusing on the interaction between human and artificial intelligence – for the benefit of the global economy and society.

Penfield Platform:

Penfield.AI has built an Automated Workflow Software Platform that captures Analyst interaction data across their tools and converts it into rich Knowledge, which is then used to Standardize and Continuously Improve Processes.

The Penfield platform is based on Kubernetes and you can host it in your public cloud environment. So no data ever leaves your environment. Penfield application integrates with different tools like SIEM, SOAR, and ITSM to start flowing the data to the Penfield platform.

How can Penfield help:

Penfield helps Security teams improve productivity and continuously upskill analysts by capturing and analyzing data on analysts' interactions with their tools. This data is used to provide visibility into analysts workflows and skills, enabling continuous coaching, collaboration, and automation.

Penfield.AI’s Core Capabilities Include:

- Standardized Playbook Generation

- AI-Generated Documents on steps and queries

- Performance Bottleneck Analysis

- Automated Quality Assurance

- Productivity and Reporting Dashboard

- Process Standardization

- Automation Opportunity

- Productivity Metrics

- Data Anonymization

- Predictive Insights

Domains where Penfield can be deployed:

- Cybersecurity


- Quality Assurance

- Financial Ops