Identity & Access Management As A Service

Phakamo Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Identity & Access Management As A Service

Phakamo Holdings (Pty) Ltd

Are your users connecting from multiple devices, and accessing business information? Enable seamless and Secure access which drives productivity.

Are you a mid-sized or a large organization with users operating between On-premise, Cloud and Work-from-home, utilising personal and work devices? Our Identity and Access Management Service is fit for your business purpose.



  1. Determine and develop the client's Identity and Access governance platform.
  2. Configure the client's Microsoft investments (Azure AD, Microsoft Enterprise Endpoint Manager, Defender for Identity, Azure Defender) to drive a secure and compliant custom-fit Identity and Access platform.
  3. Delivering Identity and Access lifecycle management, covering user provisioning - policy setting - risk management - threat detection and response to establish a resilient Identity and Access that builds confidence in a boundaryless digital landscape.


Service Benefits:

  1. A 9 x 5 SLA-driven Identity and Access management support service, 24x7 IAM service availability, severity-based response time ranging from 2 hours to 2 days.
  2. Enable a custom-fit Identity and Access Governance platform.
  3. Enable ease of Identity administration by implementing a hygiene Azure Active Directory.
  4. Accelerate work-from-anywhere with a secure and user friendly identity & access platform.
  5. Enable and support a Privilege Identity and Access management.
  6. Enable and support Risk-based Identity and Access leveraging MFA and Conditional Access.
  7. Drive a Security-aware culture and practice with Self Service Password Reset.
  8. Enable seamless business application access with Single Sign Off capability.


Customer Statement:

"As we merged two national departments into a single focused one, Phakamo Tech enabled us with a custom fit Identity and Access Management platform that drove our compliance and security posture to meet our risk appetite, most importantly, used everday user access practices to improve our security-awareness culture. in line with our risk sphere." - Cathy Leso, CIO, Department of Mineral Resources and Energy


About Us:

Phakamo Tech (est. 2010), is a multi-year Microsoft Security Partner Nominee, with multiple Cybersecurity Advanced Specialization, Identity and Access Management as one of them and enabling a digital trust foundation for customer with industry certified resources. Our partnerships enable customers to drive their digital strategies with confidence based on a secure and resilient cybersecurity foundation.


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