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Power IoT LoRaWAN

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Low code for LoRaWAN sensors

Using LoRaWAN sensors has never been so easy with Power IoT. Build your IoT use cases in a minute.

Power IoT server includes more than 500 LoRaWAN® sensors that Microsoft Power platform users could use to enrich their mobile or web applications. We have a diversity of sensor models that we could cover many use cases such as:

Flex building

The covid pandemic has an impact on office spaces. Organizations must get insights to adapt to hybrid work.

Presence sensors could automatically update your Microsoft Outlook room status.

Use counting sensors and Co2 sensors in conjunction with Power Bi to analyze room occupancy and air quality.


As a city or building owner you would like to optimize your parking occupancy. Installing parking sensor would give you real time occupancy. You could use Microsoft Outlook to book parking stalls.

You could also book in the move on your mobile phone.

Cold chain

Cold chain monitoring is getting more and more important for vaccine transportation or for hotels and restaurant that would like to optimize their food stocks.

With a temperature sensor you could monitor your fridge and receive real time alert messages in Microsoft Teams.

Vehicle tracking

With GPS trackers in your trucks, you can update your Microsoft Dynamic 365 product stocks in real time and optimize your delivery system. Additional sensors could collect fuel tank level to determine consumption.

You can use Power Bi to visualize your trucks activity.