Power IoT Lorawan

Pilot Things

Power IoT Lorawan

Pilot Things

Power IoT server connects LoRaWAN sensors to Microsoft Power Platform.

Power IoT server includes more than 500 LoRaWAN® sensors that Microsoft Power platform users could use to enrich their mobile or web applications.

We have such sensor model diversity that we could cover many use cases.

In your building, presence sensors could automatically update Microsoft Outlook room status.

Parking sensors could give you available places in real time.

With temperature sensors you could monitor your hotel fridge and receive alert messages in Microsoft Teams.

With GPS trackers you can update your Microsoft Dynamic 365 product stocks.

You could also interact with sensors using Power Apps on your mobile.

Kerlink Wirnet™ iSerie LoRaWAN gateway is mandatory to build your private network and send the data to Power IoT server.

We must use Power IoT connector to connect your sensors data (see link below)