Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.5 (Container)

Postgres Professional

Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.5 (Container)

Postgres Professional

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Postgres Pro Standard Database 9.5.20 (Container)

This container runs Postgres Pro Standard Database

After subscribing to this offer via browser, use Azure CLI to access Postgres Pro Standard Database in the container:

az acr list --resource-group RG

az acr login --name ACR

loginServer_id=$(az acr show --name ACR --query loginServer -o tsv)

password_id=$(az acr credential show --name ACR --query "passwords[0].value" -o tsv)


az container create --resource-group RG --name CG \

--environment-variables PGPRO_PASSWORD=PASS \

--image $loginServer_id/postgres-pro/$image_id:TAG --ports 5433 \

--registry-login-server $loginServer_id --registry-username ACR \

--registry-password $password_id --dns-name-label $image_id --no-wait

az container list --resource-group RG

It is also possible to have this container as part of AKS cluster:

az aks create --name CLUSTER --resource-group RG --attach-acr ACR

az aks get-credentials --name CLUSTER --resource-group RG --overwrite-existing

kubectl create deployment DEPLOYMENT --image=$loginServer_id/postgres-pro/$image_id:TAG

kubectl expose deployment DEPLOYMENT --type=LoadBalancer --port 5433 --target-port 5433

kubectl exec --stdin --tty $(kubectl get pods --no-headers | awk '{print $1}') -- /bin/bash


RG - name of your resource group

ACR - name of your Azure Container Registry

TAG - tag of your container image

CG - name of your container group

PASS - 'postgres' user password

CLUSTER - name of your AKS cluster

DEPLOYMENT - name of your deployment in the AKS cluster

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