Predisys Analytical Suite™ and SPC for Manufacturing


Predisys Analytical Suite™ and SPC for Manufacturing


Enterprise Data Analytics and Process Control (SPC) Solution for Quality Advancement.

A breakthrough Analytical Data Management Solution for Global Manufacturing Enterprises that radically accelerates improvements and advancements of quality – understand and control processes, improve product quality, reduce lead times and operating costs, increase yield, and provide real-time manufacturing visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Key Benefits:

  •  Acquire, aggregate and analyze quality data in real-time
  •  Deploy and scale rapidly
  •  360-degree analytical view – descriptive, prescriptive and predictive
  •  Out of the box standard views and dashboards that are highly configurable
  •  Automated CoA and batch reporting capabilities and other standard reporting functionality

What Makes Us Unique?

High performance quality data collection and management seamlessly integrated with web-based applications for Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Quality Data Analytics - all running on a Microsoft Azure-based platform and fully integrated with Microsoft Teams and the modern workplace.
Feature rich analytical tool set with easy-to-use user interface for all user groups from plant floor operators to management and engineering teams with more demanding analytical needs.

Real-Time Benefits

Maximize First Pass Yield. Minimize Your Costs. Optimize Your Quality.

  •  Automatically aggregated key quality metrics
  •  Improve process capabilities
  •  Mitigate out-of-control conditions
  •  Easily implement corrective action processes directly linked with Microsoft BI or Microsoft 365 for Office apps.

Connects with your existing manufacturing data source, manual, semiautomatic and fully automated data collection from production equipment and Automated Test Systems (ATE). Flexible data integration interfaces allow integration with Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure IoT Hub, existing legacy SQL databases as well as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES).

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About Predisys

Since 1996 Predisys has turned massive plant floor data streams into real-time and historical actionable knowledge. By providing advanced statistical tools, it has helped engineers and executives focus on the key issues and root causes, ultimately improving product quality, accelerating new product launches and driving time to market.

Predisys has enjoyed global success in many manufacturing industries including: automotive, medical device, semiconductors, high-tech, electronics and aerospace. Today our solutions are used by leading manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.