Enterprise archiving and Active Digital Preservation


Enterprise archiving and Active Digital Preservation


Preservica Enterprise edition

Enterprise is purpose designed to ensure the long-term security, accessibility and authenticity of your most critical digital assets

Rethink the way you manage your long-term records with Preservica’s New Generation Enterprise edition - purpose designed for the most demanding compliance, security, integration and scalability needs. It includes an intuitive yet powerful interface for managing your archive at scale. Our Active Digital Preservation™ software ensures high value, long-term records are kept secure and always readable over decades.

Enterprise edition solves the challenge of modern digital preservation archiving, delivering 5 key benefits for larger organizations in Academia, Government and Corporate sectors.

1. Keep high-value digital assets secure for the long-term
Enterprise edition is secure by design, with data encryption at rest and in transit, along with 2-Factor Authentication and Single-Sign-On as standard.

2. Eliminate the risk of data & file format obsolescence
File format types and standards are rapidly changing, ensure long-term accessibility of digital assets with our unique Active Digital Preservation™ technology, making file format obsolescence a thing of the past.

3. Manage large collections in an intuitive and sustainable way
Built from the ground-up, Enterprise provides a highly intuitive way to manage digital assets. Simple “drag and drop” file structures, easily manage, update or make bulk changes to metadata along with the ability to customize a public (or private) portal right out-of-the-box.

4. Get dedicated access to our data archiving & preservation experts
Our “Customer Experience” team will ensure you get the most value from Enterprise, having a deep understanding of archival and records management best-practice, and can be considered an extension of the your core team – their engagement can be easily extended as required to solve complex challenges.

5. Choose a deployment and storage model to fit your needs
More flexible than ever before, Enterprise offers a number of deployment and storage options depending on customer needs. Be it a shared services model with the power and scale for Enterprise grade customers or the extensibility of the dedicated Private Cloud offering on Azure.

Preservica is changing the way thousands of organizations around the world protect and re-use long-term digital information. Our unique patent pending Active Digital Preservation archiving automatically keeps every file alive in future-friendly formats over decades. This means critical, high-value information can always be quickly found and actioned for FOI, compliance, legal, brand, knowledge reuse and cultural needs.