An end-to-end workforce planning and upskilling solution

ProEdge helps accelerate your digital upskilling journeys, identify and close skill gaps, and keep your organization competitive by giving your people the skills they need to innovate and automate at scale. This powerful tool enables your organization to drive adoption and create a culture of continuous learning.

ProEdge, built on Azure, gives your people the tools to help achieve repeatable, sustainable change and growth. It identifies the skills you need to develop new ways of working, automating and more. Then it delivers learning and credentialing pathways that enable your people to build solutions and drive efficiencies across the organization.

The ProEdge four-step journey helps you upskill your workforce and innovate at scale:

  • Plan - Identify the critical skills you need to be competitive now and in the future.
  • Learn - Build a path to success and earn function-relevant credentials through personalized skill-building modules.
  • Create - Empower your people to learn how to create new digital assets, automate tasks and learn new tools.
  • Share - Scale the benefits of employee-led innovation with efficiencies that deliver value across your enterprise.

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