Mitigate - Cyber Security as a Service

Procomix Technology Group

Mitigate - Cyber Security as a Service

Procomix Technology Group

Mitigate secures your data,identities,endpoints & servers with a portfolio of managed cyber security services that will protect your assets residing anywhere.It provides continuous monitoring & tracking of security incidents with actionable responses.

Are you struggling with multiple unconnected security solutions and you don’t have enough visibility on your security landscape with minimal resources to manage and monitor your security incidents?

Subscribe now with Mitigate plans to enhance your organizational security posture through integrated security solutions providing you with central management and visibility.

Mitigate benefits:

- Visibility: With a continuous security assessment, Mitigate provides all-time visibility on the security posture of the customer's hybrid environment with friendly reports and clear recommendations.
- Tightened security at a lower cost: Managed security services eliminate the need to expand your security team to protect the major assets in your environment. Because Mitigate is all based on Microsoft technologies, third party security products and complicated integrations are not required.
- Faster threat detection: Integrated tools and shared intelligence help in a faster detection of security threats. Response is also accelerated using our implemented SOAR use cases, automated alerting, and continuous monitoring.

Mitigate Features:

- Continuous security assessment: Scheduled assessments aiming to provide more insights of the security level and assistance in progressing in the security
- Infrastructure hardening and protection: Vulnerability assessment, hardening settings, and threat protection for servers and services
- Identity security and protection: Protection settings and policies to support advanced identity and access security requirements
- User Endpoints security: Protection settings and policies to support compliance of user devices and endpoint protection requirements
- Threat protection: Advanced threat protection solutions integrated to raise useful incidents at different levels in the security chain
- Events monitoring and response: Collection and correlation of security events with monitoring dashboards and automated responses

Why Procomix? 

For more than 20 years, Procomix Technology Group is helping businesses to take the right IT design decisions, implement new technologies, support operations and provide maintenance ranging from IT strategy advising to cloud architecture and identity management framework.

Among the serviced enterprises and SMBs:  USEK University, BankMed, SMLC PEPSI, FransaBank etc… in different countries of Africa, Middle East and Europe. For customers’ testimonials