EDI full service solution based on QUIBIS EDI


EDI full service solution based on QUIBIS EDI


If you are thinking of a fully managed Azure EDI service to easily integrate your suppliers and customers - without any internal IT footproint - our QUIBIS EDI as a Service is the way to go.

Full service Azure EDI with QUIBIS EDI

With QUIBIS EDI as a Service we create the conditions for companies of all sizes to participate quickly and easily in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and exchange documents such as orders, delivery notifications, delivery notes or invoices electronically with their business partners.
With the EDI connection via our QUIBIS EDI you can take advantage of all the advantages that the use of electronic document exchange brings to your business processes without installing EDI hardware and software in your company and without your own EDI know-how. Build. The use of our EDI service offering eliminates time-consuming and costly processes such as monitoring, system maintenance and regular updates.

The tailor-made EDI connection

No matter which data format you prefer and which transmission protocol you or your business partner would like to use, we guarantee a smooth document exchange. You only provide us with your data in any structured format and we will arrange the rest for you. The QUIBIS EDI team handles the transport of the data and the conversion to the format used by the ERP system of your respective business partner.
The QUIBIS EDI Support Center, which is available 24 hours a day, allows you to be flexible at all times and can reach each of your partners via a single interface.

EDI clearing at fixed price - no hidden costs

A special advantage of our EDI solution is cost transparency. With the connection to our "QUIBIS EDI as a Service" you have your costs in view at all times.

Our offer is based solely on the number of partners and message types. Neither the number nor the size of the files to be submitted play a role.

EDI-as-a-Service fees:

Basic-fee for 1 YourCompany per month: 150€

Support SLA per month: 250€
Mo-Fr 9-18 / reactiontime 4h at FC1

Per EDI Partner:
Per Document (e.g. INVOIC/ORDERS/DESADV/etc.):
per month: 25€