Generative AI for Software Developers

Railtown AI Technologies Inc.

Generative AI for Software Developers

Railtown AI Technologies Inc.

All in one AI Copilot for Software Developers

    Railtown AI Technologies is an AI Productivity Solutions provider for Software Developers and Teams that practice Agile Project Management.
    Our AI Co-Pilot solutions for Root Cause Analysis, Release Note Generation and ScrumMasters have been purposely built with a single goal in mind, to help Agile practitioners save time, improve productivity, drive down costs and accelerate velocity.
    The Root Cause Analysis AI Co-Pilot (RCA)
    connects to ticketing systems, build servers and logging services and matches tickets to builds in each environment pointing directly to any code change that it recognizes as the root cause of any issue, error, bug, or exception. A great CoPilot for your logging services AppLication Insights, Splunk or Loggly.

    Railtown's RCA CoPilot monitors your evolving deployed application by seamlessly integrating with your ticket tracking system (Azure DevOps and Jira), your CI/CD process and application logs.

    Get the help of sophisticated algorithms and AI so that you can investigate and fix root-cause errors more efficiently.

    Get notified of errors as they occur in real-time.
    The RCA CoPilot helps with early detection and scans your tickets, devops data and application logs for errors. These are then surfaced as meaningful alerts so that you can get to debugging quickly.

    Prioritize your efforts with the help of powerful AI.
    Our AI analyzes how each error affects your application and prioritizes them as they surface to help achieve more timely fixes on critical errors by knowing what to act on first.

    Leverage the RCA CoPilot's deep understanding of your app.
    Using machine learning, your RCA CoPilot intelligently categorizes errors, correlates them with your completed work items, and allows you to track the fix all the way to production.

    The Release Note CoPilot
    is for generating stunning release notes from developer tickets. Product development teams no longer have to manually review tickets and documentation to start writing their release notes. With Railtown, you can generate your first draft of release notes in under 2 minutes. We are modernizing the next generation of release notes in a very Agile/AI driven approach through Railtown’s AI engine. The Release Note CoPilot will create an "executive summary" of any completed ticket set and present them in a clear descriptive business like format with the intent of consumption by end users, engineers, team leads as well as marketing and management.

    Scrum Master Copilot
    The Scrum Master Copilot can provide information related to a wide range of topics, including code snippets, build errors, bug fixes, performance issues, and more. Developers can ask the Copilot specific questions or describe the problem that they are facing, and the Copilot will provide relevant and actionable information to help solve the problem. The Scrum Master Copilot also learns from the feedback it receives from the developers and continuously improves its ability to provide accurate answers. The more it is used, the more knowledge it acquires, making it an increasingly valuable resource for the software development team.

    Railtown's AI CoPilot Solutions run on Azure Cloud and are integrated with Azure DevOps, Jira and Trello for easy ticket integration, as well Railtown has a simple CSV import option for other ticketing platforms. Railtown also provides Velocity Dashboard for actionable insights about your team's cadence. Railtown is also fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zapier for instant notifications.

    - Azure DevOps

    - AppLication Insights

    - GitHub

    - MS Teams

    - Azure Cloud

    - Slack

    - Jira

    - Trello

    All 3 solutions for just one price, and for custom pricing and private offers, please contact us at