RapidCanvas ML cloud platform

Rapidcanvas Inc.

RapidCanvas ML cloud platform

Rapidcanvas Inc.

RapidCanvas data science platform combines domain expertise with automated machine learning.

RapidCanvas is a data science platform that combines domain expertise with automated machine learning.

The platform empowers experts to focus on problem solving and creating great products using data. With no-code platform, a project can move from raw data to ML model outcome in a matter of days.

Using RapidCanvas, customers are able to:

  • Accelerate end-to-end model development and deployment with our platform, cutting down time to value to a matter of hours

  • Drive smarter business decisions with RapidCanvas’s advanced real-time analytics and dashboards

  • Blend in-house domain expertise with AI capabilities to build use case specific models with optimal performance

  • Leverage RapidCanvas capabilities effectively all across your organization, with our easy-to-use UI and guided workflows

Some of the key capabilities of the RapidCanvas platform are:

  • Multi-persona UX: Citizen data scientists can use the graphical user interface with easy drag-and-drop functionality while notebook users can write custom code for unique needs using the integrated out-of-the-box JupyterHub.

  • Collaboration: Seamless synchronization of work done across the platform, whether you're using the notebook or no-code interface

  • Customization: Leverage custom environments, packages, and streamlit applications and publish custom templates and solutions for use within your organization.

  • Testing and experimentation: Employ an agile build-and-deploy cycle, using different parameters, datasets and hyperparameters which change during the build process, creating multiple models. During deployment, models and variants can be A/B tested in production

  • AutoML: Leverage the power of AutoML to automate repetitive and iterative processes

  • Data Applications: Publish dynamic data apps, charts and dashboards for business users within minutes and enable interactive analytics capabilities.