Rapyuta Robotics 株式会社

Rapyuta Robotics 株式会社 is one-stop platform to build robotics solutions with flexibility and scalability.


Fully Managed Infra and services 
    • No need to build a big SRE team (min team of 3 ppl costs $300K/year), making the right technology and implementation choices.

Unified runtime
    • Unified runtime offers a common set of APIs, tools/services across cloud, edge, and device and you can control it from the same web console
    • learn about multiple cloud provider management, monitoring systems, configuration management, security policy management for the each scenario.

One portal to employ, manage and control multi-type of robots at multi-sites 
    • Faster adoption / Lower learning curve - typically you need to learn 

    • Centralized access to information to critical business, engineering and operation metrics

      • Currently, engineers need to access many data repositories and not everyone has access to all data e.g. data is sitting in a certain warehouse but cannot be accessed from the other location

Use Cases

  • Pick Assistant Autonomous Mobile Robots (PA-AMR)

  • Automated Guided Vehicle

  • Automated ForkLift