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Self-service machine data connection, structuring, processing, calculating KPI and visualization is a web-based application (Software-as-a-Service) that allows you to connect, register and manage your technical installations, industrial machines and devices. It allows you to comprehensively evaluate the transmitted data of your IoT devices and visualize them in a meaningful way. Alarms and reports can be generated and issued automatically in order to provide the assigned employee with the necessary information. Your machine data is thus always available in almost real time or according to the selected query interval.

Smart features for smart processes:

  • offers provisioning, registration, authentication, monitoring and management of your IoT devices without programming effort
  • Consolidate all your data streams, regardless of the manufacturer
  • Integrate virtual data points as well
  • Automatically record, monitor, pre-process and analyze incoming data streams from your IoT devices
  • Structure the incoming data and meta-data in a highly flexible and individual way according to the specifics of your organization, your assets and your business logic
  • Calculate your relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) with a graphical interface
  • Use the graphical visualization of data and KPIs
  • Configure flexible alarms based on all data and KPIs and send them via ticket or e-mail to the right people

State-of-the-art software architecture and design

  • is based on state-of-the-art design principles for highly scalable cloud applications
  • Your new project can be implemented with a minimum of adaptation effort
  • Works with advanced microservices from MS Azure

How can you connect your systems, machines and devices? supports the industry's most important connectivity standards. We are constantly expand-ing our connectors. So far the following standards are available:

  • MQTT
  • OPC-UA

What is included in Trial Version of

Use all modules and features to their full extent. With these limitations:

  • You can connect 100 data IoT devices, every device that sends data into the cloud is counted
  • 10 different types of devices
  • Transmission of up to 1000 channels (data points) in total
  • Max. 3 different users and user roles

Please do not use this test version for extensive production data. Your data will be deleted at the end of the trial period.

Designed for the industry

We have developed especially for industrial applications. We have designed a very slim, flexible and easily adaptable IIoT platform that is perfectly matching your needs and requirements. In view of its high performance, it is very cost effective.