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Sopro Online Azure


Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
Sopro Online Azure

Are you using Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online or Azure? In that case, adding a learning platform is made in a flash. Your staff can be imported directly from Azure and they will use their existing credentials to sign in.

Extensible solution for competence development

Sopro Online is an elearning platform for developing competencies and can be expanded to be an all in one solution for talent management. Getting started is very easy with a clean, modern design. It is recommended to start with simple user scenarios and adopt more advanced features as needed, without needing to start over. Handling everything in one place makes administration easy.

Easy to integrate, easy to adopt

Sopro Online integrates nicely with existing Microsoft infrastructure. Existing Microsoft Azure users can be imported and assigned roles as learners and/or staff in minutes. Then create the courses, content and tasks. Finally, assign learners to educations and the learning can begin. Learning paths can be created for individual learners, groups or even whole departments.

Advanced eLearning

Using Office 365 to create and distribute learning materials offers a solid base. However, a giant step forward can be taken by making use of interactive Html5 learning material with H5P, integrated into Sopro Online. This material can be created by you, or obtained online. H5P is based on open source code and is mobile friendly, offering tens of different content types and new ones being developed regularly.

Value for users

How do you get value from Sopro Online? Below are described just a few possible scenarios.

  • Create an engaging training package for new employees, to introduce them to company customs and practices.
  • Preparing for a change, the company forms learning packages for competencies, which will be assigned according to role.
  • Share important knowledge to your staff.
  • Develop the competencies of your staff, take advantage of varied opportunities for feedback, like the 360 degree feedback etc.
  • Handle performance appraisals between supervisors and staff.
Sopro Online is for training staff and partners in any industry sector. For education sector we have a separate version with separate pricing. Contact us for more information about the advanced features beyond the Sopro Online Azure feature set.


The price for Sopro Online begins at 150 €/month for up to 50 users, with additional users being allowed for 2 €/month. If you have more than 150 users or are looking for a full featured learning management system (LMS) please contact us at


Now included with the test drive is the opportunity to try out our development plan and performance appraisal features.