Redox Payer Integration

Redox, Inc.

Redox Payer Integration

Redox, Inc.

Redox specializes in real time Payer integration with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

The Redox payer integration platform helps payers abstract the complexity of legacy data standards and outdated systems to leverage the power of Microsoft’s cloud solutions. Streamline connections from legacy systems to Azure Health Data Services with Redox’s pre-built connectors. Getting the right data in real-time unlocks the ability to quickly build longitudinal views of members in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, uncover clinical and operational insights using Power Platform or Azure Synapse, enhance member engagement and CRM workflows using Dynamics and Teams, build new patient experiences with Azure Stack and ChatGPT, store sensitive PHI in HIPAA-compliant Azure Data Lake, and much more.

Redox is HITRUST and SOC II compliant to unlock secure, bi-directional, real-time data exchange from payer source systems, 90+ compatible provider electronic health records (EHR) systems, and numerous other sources including health information exchanges (HIEs), clearinghouses, digital health vendors, and public health.

With the Redox for Cloud, you can simplify the process of transforming clinical and administrative data from legacy standards like HL7v2, C-CDA, X12, and DICOM into FHIR® R4 for easy ingestion to Microsoft Azure Healthcare APIs. This data can then fuel Microsoft Cloud-native analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence tools to take control of member experiences, streamline prior authorization, close gaps in care, modernize risk adjustment, ensure compliance, and much more.

Redox handles:

  1. Connectivity to EHRs, payer systems of record, and other systems (e.g. VPN, webhook, SFTP, etc.)

  2. Mapping from local native formats (e.g. HL7, XML, X12, API, C-CDA, etc.) into FHIR

  3. Real-time, bi-directional processing including real-time feeds, nightly extract files, and historic backloads.

  4. Ongoing 24/7 maintenance and monitoring of interfaces with a track record of 99.95% uptime

Redox has completed over 5000 healthcare integrations and has the expertise to enable secure healthcare data exchange with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare faster than any other solution on the market. Visit

Workflows/Use Cases Supported: member clinical and administrative sync from payer systems, EHRs, devices, etc. in Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, improved insights to close gaps in care and modernize risk adjustment with Azure Synapse, enhanced patient engagement with Dynamics 365, streamlined prior authorization in Power Apps, and more.

Microsoft Products/Services Supported: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Dataverse, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, PowerApps, Azure Synapse

Geographic Availability: United States and Canada only


Enterprise Cloud License - Standard

Enterprise Cloud License - Premium