ReversingLabs Content Pack for Microsoft Sentinel


ReversingLabs Content Pack for Microsoft Sentinel




The ReversingLabs Content Pack solution for Microsoft Sentinel provides a collection of content for ReversingLabs users. The solution contains a sample playbook that will automatically enrich your incidents with file hash reputation information from TitaniumCloud, enabling faster and more accurate incident triage. The solution also includes a workbook that you can use to visualize the value provided by our Azure-focused products.


  • Compare your threat intelligence feeds based on indicator quality categories, including indicator age and number of tags.

  • Understand how threat intelligence augments your detections by looking at incident creation and closing classification metrics.

  • See how ReversingLabs automation saves you time and money with estimates using your operations data.

If you're a SOC Manager, the included workbook will provide valuable oversight of your threat intelligence implementation.

If you're a SOC Analyst, you'll love the enrichment data provided from the ReversingLabs-FileEnrichment playbook.


ReversingLabs empowers modern software development and security operations center teams to protect their software releases and organizations from sophisticated software supply chain security attacks, malware, ransomware, and other threats.

The ReversingLabs Titanium Platform analyzes any file, binary, or object that can evade traditional security solutions. It’s a hybrid-cloud privacy-centric platform that unifies Dev and SOC teams with transparent and human-readable threat analysis, arming developers, DevSecOps, SOC analysts, and threat hunters to respond to software tampering and security incidents confidently.

ReversingLabs data is used by more than sixty-five of the world’s most advanced security vendors and their tens of thousands of security professionals. ReversingLabs enterprise customers span all industries, leveraging integrations with popular DevSecOps and SOC platforms that enable teams to access the analysis they need to make quick security verdicts, eliminate threats, and release software with confidence.


To get started, please see the documentation and media below.

NOTE: Please refer to the following before installing the solution:

Playbooks: 2, Workbooks: 1