Network Monitoring / Niederspannungs-Monitoring

Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH

Network Monitoring / Niederspannungs-Monitoring

Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH

A cloud based electricity network monitoring

Auch für die speziellen Anforderungen der deutschen Energiewirtschaft als Niederspannungs-Monitoring "NiSMo" verfügbar.

Condition monitoring of distribution grid station

– Rapidly growing expansion of volatile renewable energies increasingly leads to grid bottlenecks in the transmission and distribution grid
– Especially in networks of the lower voltage levels 

– Surplus or shortage of energy today can only be detected in higher network levels due to poorly monitored lower network levels
– Increasing requirements regarding the tasks of a network operator
   • Maintaining voltage band at grid connection point
   • Avoidance of overloads

– Improved monitoring of low voltage feeders and local network station

Business focus
– Real-time measurement of relevant energetic quantities in (low)-voltage nets with non-regulated measurement technology
– Monitoring of local networks and stations including condition monitoring & alerting
– Analysis, calculation and forecast of live and historical time series data
– Need-based mapping of utilities-relevant master data objects and geolocation data

Technical focus
– High scalability in terms of data volume and performance
– Modern architecture with Azure PaaS
– Attractive single-page application frontend: Node.js&React

Maintenance of distribution grid station

Further benefits of continuous monitoring
– Early detection of short circuits already in the initiation phase
– Precise recognition of triggered fuses in the service center
– Detection of permanently heavily loaded stations or stations that are about to be overloaded
– Supervision of main fuse
– Connection of short-circuit indicators at medium voltage level

Integration of monitoring into existing processes
– Automatic notification and visualization of anomalies due to fixed or learned limits

Forecasting & simulation 

– Improvement of forecast quality at low voltage level in day-to-day business
– Early identification of critical connection points
– Extraction of information for network development planning
– Maintenance planning


This application is available in English & German.