Centralise all communication channels like WhatsApp, Webchat, Facebook and SMS into Microsoft Teams. is a customer engagement hub that ties WhatsApp, webchat, SMS (text messaging) and Facebook communication channels, CRM, applications, and systems together with artificial intelligence into Microsoft Teams empowering your business and optimally engage with your customers. 

Consolidation of communication - Centralising your customer interactions is the foundation of outstanding customer service.  Technology has made the world more interconnected than ever before and using as your customer engagement hub provides for seamless interactions across a variety of communications platforms. Whether it’s by voice, web chat, mobile, or social media messaging, your customers can interact with your service agents centrally, within Microsoft Teams, in a way that is most convenient and efficient for them, boosting overall customer satisfaction and confidence.


Get Insights - insights provide a 360° view of your customers, enabling your organisation to see not only their current status but also their overall journey and the “big picture”, allowing your service agents to respond efficiently and appropriately. Reporting tools also allow your business to be proactive and resolve issues before they become problems for your customers.


Efficiency through Automation - The AI-powered chatbot can quickly respond to common queries based on your existing knowledge base, easing the burden on your workforce and allowing them to focus on more critical work.  Escalation rules can be configured to automatically forward a chat to a live agent based on the overall tone of the conversation or type of issue.


This technology also allows you to respond to common queries outside of your normal business hours, 365 days a year.  For example, if your organisation offers premium 24x7 support, the chatbot can be configured to forward only those contacts directly to your on-call staff.

Compliance - It’s important to properly identify your customers and accurately log all your interactions with them in order to maintain compliance.  For example, under the GDPR, EU citizens have the “right to be forgotten”, and your organization must have the ability to delete all conversations with an individual when compelled to do so. associates all customer interactions with a specific person, ensuring your GDPR compliance and legal responsibilities.