Rookout Live Debugging

Rookout Ltd.

(72 ratings)

Rookout Live Debugging

Rookout Ltd.

(72 ratings)

Rookout's Live Debugger empowers Dev teams to solve customer issues 5x faster

Rookout's Live Debugger empowers Dev teams to solve customer issues 5x faster, by making debugging easy and accessible in any environment; from cloud native to on-prem and from dev to production.

Our Developer-First solution enables Dev and DevOps engineers to get instant insight into their cloud-native applications, by addressing developers' needs and providing state of the art quality within a simple and straightforward experience and attitude.

The platform is an enterprise-grade solution for cloud-native debugging and observability data that allows you to get to the root cause faster in any deployment while keeping your app running and safe.

Developers can install Rookout in minutes, on any environment and architecture, such as: AWS cloud, EKS, AWS Lambda, and more.

Rookout is delivered through an SDK which is embedded in the customer's application and used through a SaaS interface.

Key Benefits:

  • The Rookout Live Debugger allows developers to get the data they need instantly, without adding code, or restarting their application.

  • The Rookout Live Logger allows developers to dynamically change log verbosity and reveal requested loglines.

  • Rookout allow organizations to Increase customer experience by reducing MTTR and troubleshooting time by up to 80%

  • Rookout provides users with:

    • Complete technical implementation support

    • Ongoing maintenance support

    • Local customer support

Key Features:
  • Real time access to code level data including: Local Variables, Stack Trace, Process and Server Data, and Tracing.

  • Live Logging to dynamically control your logging verbosity and get your request logs

  • Real Time Profiling to measure the execution time of any function or code snippet, without worrying about performance hits.

  • Developer-friendly experience: debugger-like interface, automatics source control tool integration, and one-click data fetching

  • Extensive tech coverage: Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, Go

Rookout, a Developer-First Observability platform, was designed from the ground up for production environments across all industries, providing an enterprise level of security and compliance.

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