Image resizing, compression, optimisation and acceleration via CDN

Ever lost visitors because your web or mobile application was too slow to load?

Faster loading images make websites load faster, thus converting more users. Cloudimage takes the burden of image resizing, optimization, and acceleration away!

How does it work?

By replacing your image URLs in your code with a few 'find & replaces' or by using one of our plugins, you will implement Cloudimage in minutes. Our image resizing infrastructure with download, resize, and optimize the images on your web and mobile application on-the-fly. Once resized and optimized, your mages will be delivered rocket fast over Content Delivery Networks (1000+ PoPs) to your visitors all around the World.

Cloudimage supports among many other features:

  • resize to target width/height and keep proportions
  • crop (static and automatic - object detection)
  • fit to a box
  • static and dynamic watermarking, including custom text watermarking
  • jpeg re-compression to optimize file size
  • WebP compression and delivery
  • responsive design plugins

What do I gain?

  • your developers don't need to take care of image management anymore and can focus on building value for your customers
  • your web and mobile application loads faster and converts more users
  • you save money on image resizing infrastructure (compute & storage) and don't need to set up and pay for a CDN by yourself


Cloudimage's pricing is based on 2 metrics: CDN traffic and image cache (storage)

  • FREE Plan - 25 GB of CDN traffic | 25 GB image cache (storage)
  • STARTUP Plan - 60 GB of CDN traffic | 40 GB image cache (storage) - $29 / month
  • PRO Plan - 150 GB CDN traffic | 70 GB image cache (storage) - $79 / month
  • ROCKET Plan - 800 GB of CDN traffic | 200 GB image cache (storage) - $249 / month
  • ENTERPRISE Plan - let's talk!

One more thing...

The Cloudimage Responsive Images plugin will make your images responsive in a few lines of code automatically and enable beautiful user experiences with lazy loading and progressive loading effects. Check out the code and demo on Github.