SQL AlwaysOn HADR on Azure and Hybrid Cloud


SQL AlwaysOn HADR on Azure and Hybrid Cloud


Build highly available SQL with Seepath managed SQL HADR Service on Azure, Hybrid and Multi-cloud. Enable SQL uptime, performance and data loss protection from disaster with Seepath azure managed SQL services for your business-critical applications.

Running business-critical applications require databases to be highly available. Data downtime could cost you significant time, money and recovery effort.

Seepath Azure SQL architects can help you design and deliver SQL Server high availability solution on Azure and Hybrid environments.

Used by customers across financial services, capital markets, health care and pharma, our automated Azure HADR solution enables SQL always-on capability to meet your availability and compliance needs.

Maximize SQL uptime, performance and reliability while seamlessly failover to DR during disaster with the lowest RTO/RPO.

Why invest in SQL always-on HADR on Azure?

  • Data loss protection
  • Combined benefit of High availability and DR
  • Automatic or planned failover ensure lowest RTO/RPO

  • Scalability and Enhanced performance with Azure advanced security
  • Increased end-user productivity
  • Faster business reporting
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Our approach and deliverables:

  • Review existing scenario, pain-points, HA and DR requirements
  • Choose the right HADR deployment architecture based on Azure, hybrid and/or multi-cloud scenario
  • Design/Build Windows Failover Clustering functionality to support Azure and hybrid deployment
  • Optimize SQL Server for HA performance
  • Implement SQL AG, listener and Cluster networks for primary and DR regions
  • Run test fail-over scenarios (Automatic, Planned and Forced) with sample databases to validate high-availability and DR functionality
  • Performance optimization

Get started with our managed SQL HADR solutions today and make the most of your Azure investments