Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery

Full Forest Recovery with a simple restoration wizard

Semperis Active Directory Forest Recovery


Full Forest Recovery with a simple restoration wizard

Confronting the Unthinkable

Active Directory is down: employees sit idle, operations grind to a halt, customers are stranded. The threat is real:
  • Ransomware or a wiper attack takes out your domain controllers
  • A hacker gains access, and the extent of the damage is unknown
  • A schema extension, forest-level upgrade, or other irreversible change renders the directory inoperable
Whatever the cause, you need to restore Active Directory now. On the same or different servers. And without any remnant of the malware or bad actor that wreaked havoc on your network.

Save the Day with Semperis

Restoring Active Directory manually would take days or even weeks – and you could still be left with malware in your environment. But with Semperis ADFR, you can get your business back in business in less than an hour. That’s because Semperis:
  • Prevents malware reintroduction during restore
  • Automates the entire forest recovery process
  • Recovers to any server – virtual or physical, on-premises or in the cloud – with no need to install drivers and patches
With Semperis, you can recover quickly and confidently from even the most catastrophic Active Directory disaster.

The Semperis Advantage

Forest recovery is no easy task, and the Active Directory experts at Semperis have taken the challenge head-on. In doing so, Semperis ADFR offers functionality not available elsewhere, including:
  • Anywhere Recovery. Restores Active Directory to the same or different hardware. Simply stand up a server with the same Windows version (2016, 2012 R2, 2012, or 2008 R2) as the original domain controller, and Semperis takes care of the rest.
  • Clean Restore. To prevent reintroduction of rootkits and other malware, starts with a clean OS and only restores what’s needed for the server’s role as a domain controller, DNS server, etc.
  • Advanced Automation. Automates the entire recovery process, including rebuilding the Global Catalog, cleaning up metadata and the DNS namespace, restructuring the site topology, and more.
  • Zero Maintenance. Eliminates the need to develop and maintain scripts or manually update configuration information – and the recovery failures that occur when these things don’t get done.
  • Easy DR Testing. As a fully automated, out-of-the-box solution, makes it easy to test recovery and document results for compliance with internal and external regulations.
  • Comprehensive Backup Validation. Checks each backup set to verify that all data (including Active Directory topology) was successfully written to the backup server. Also notifies you of any gaps in backup jobs (such as newly added domains).