HAC-1 -> Visibility, Control and Mitigation

Sepio Systems

HAC-1 -> Visibility, Control and Mitigation

Sepio Systems

HAC-1 Visibility, Policy Enforcement and Rogue Device Mitigation for Hardware Assets.

Frustrated by the lack of visibility? Feel like your current Asset inventory and NAC solutions fail to deliver what YOU need?

Going through a CMMC evaluation process or looking into Section 889 impact on your operations?

Look no further! Evaluate of HAC-1 solution.

Sepio Systems Inc active in the Hardware Access Control (HAC) market, Gartner's Cool Vendor 2020 in Cyber Physical Security and the developer of HAC-1 – a solution, for managing all of your hardware assets aspects - visibility, control and Rogue Device mitigation - protecting your organization from hardware-based attacks and threats. HAC-1 provides security teams with full visibility into their hardware assets and their behavior in real-time. A comprehensive policy enforcement module allows administrators to easily define granular device usage rules and continuously monitor and protect their infrastructure. Leveraging a combination of physical fingerprinting technology together with device behavior analytics, Sepio's software-only solution offers instant detection and response to any threat or breach attempt coming from a manipulated or infected element.

Features -

  • Enhanced device visibility
  • Graphical dashboards
  • Security status summary
  • Policy management
  • Risk insights
  • Report engine
  • SIEM and NAC integrations
  • Open APIs

Benefits -

  • Asset management through complete visibility for managed and unmanaged devices.
  • Mitigation of Rogue Devices whether they are HID emulators / Network implants / Spoofed devices etc.
  • Lower internal abusers and supply chain attacks risks
  • Low cost of owner ship and "painless" deployment.

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