SEPPmail™ E-Mail Encryption Appliance


SEPPmail™ E-Mail Encryption Appliance


Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
SEPPmail™ E-Mail Encryption Appliance - Version 12

When deploying this plan, we will spin up an Azure VM with a SEPPmail Appliance.



The VM will be deployed with one initial disk for OS and the appliance. If you plan to use Large File Transfer (LFT), add another disk with size and performance as needed later. We recommend a disk size of 30GB and up for LFT.


We deploy the VM in an existing virtual network of your choice, or a new one you may create at deployment. A more advanced network configuration can be done after the initial deployment.

The following ports will be opened to the public internet:

  • Port 25 - SMTP
  • We need this port so that your E-mail system is able to send E-mails to the appliance and SEPPmail can send them for delivery.

  • Port 8443 - Admin GUI
  • Access to the Administration portal of the Appliance

  • Port 443 - GINA Portal
  • Our award-winning GINA encryption portal for spontaenous, low frequency encryption.

Depending on your infrastructure and additional features you want to use, there may be other ports you need to open later on. Refer to the manual for further information.

High Availability

SEPPmail allows clustering on application level. If you want high availability, deploy a second SEPPmail appliance and refer to the manual on how to configure clusters.