Signly SLaaS annual license


Signly SLaaS annual license


Synchronous, in-vision, sign language translations on any webpage for any deaf sign language user

Introducing Signly, the revolutionary, Microsoft Azure-powered Sign Language as a Service (SLaaS).

Addressing the often overlooked issue of accessibility for deaf people online, Signly is a game-changer, taking strides to transform your website into a deaf-friendly platform.

Sign languages are not merely spoken or written languages conveyed through hand signals; they have unique structural elements. For many deaf individuals, sign language is their primary means of communication, their first language. For some, lower English proficiency (LEP) can make essential content in written form inaccessible to them. Coupled with a chronic shortage of interpreters, deaf individuals often find themselves having to rely on friends and family for help.

This exclusion from essential content is a problem Signly aims to solve. Through our service, organizations can now easily break down these barriers, providing equal access to content, and reducing the risk of penalties associated with non-compliance. The costs of not addressing this issue are not just financial but social as well.

Using Signly is as easy. Its low-code and one-time integration process takes about 10 minutes, after which it captures your homepage text and sends it to Signly Studio. There, our proficient deaf sign language translators swiftly record the content in their home studios. Any site updates or new content are checked daily and recorded promptly, ensuring that your content is always accessible.

Imagine having a sign language 'screen reader' for Deaf users just like screen readers for the blind and low-vision users! Signly makes this possible, allowing Deaf customers to self-serve and effortlessly access sign language - an integral part of an organization's operations. It even provides an option for users to request translations of pages not yet translated.

Our deaf sign language users have voiced their excitement and satisfaction, noting the increased accessibility, and the feeling of inclusion and normalcy they experience. Signly respects the rights of its users by granting full and clear access to information, much like a bank would offer Braille services to a blind person.

What deaf sign language users say

  • It's fantastic! It needs to happen! It's a big help because many deaf communicate in BSL. It's very unusual to have clear signing against the English, it also makes English more concise and understandable, the concept can be clearly understood and also can be clicked on again for clarification which is very good.
  • This is the type of thing we've been fighting for a long time so I'm very excited about this.
  • The main thing is accessibility, like I feel normal. I feel like my hearing peers. I feel like I'm included in the world, I feel like I'm on the same level. CODAs for example, children of deaf adults, it gives that child the freedom not to have to help out on adult things. Having Signly is incredible. Yeah it would make life so much easier.
  • Signly allows me full and clear access to the information, respecting my rights. I feel Signly gives us extra access to the information. For example, a bank will offer Braille services to a blind person, but Signly will offer sign language services to a deaf person simultaneously with a script.

Signly's passion for inclusion has not gone unnoticed. We were finalists for the Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2022 and won the Financial Inclusion Category at the 2020 Impact Awards and the Accessible Europe Award in 2019.

If you're ready to make your website more deaf-friendly, simply click 'Get It Now' at the top of the page.