Energy Insights

Climative Inc.

Energy Insights

Climative Inc.

Supercharging Decarbonization of the Built Housing Stock

Climative is making it easier for organizations to meet their carbon-reduction targets for the built housing stock by revolutionizing program design and delivery.

Low -Carbon Program Design

Built for hyperscale, Climative’s Energy Insights platform gives program designers an unprecedented level of visibility of the carbon-reduction potential of their housing stock.

  • Assess 500k homes/day with no-touch virtual audits

  • Generate personalized emissions & energy-reduction plan for every home

  • Provide visibility of opportunities at every level - home-level to state/province-level

  • Aggregate data from various sources (Census data, energy data, past programs, etc.)

Program Delivery

Climative helps organizations run impactful and efficient carbon reduction programs.

  • Create and maintain a digital record of a building’s energy attributes

  • Enable remote energy audits and real-time simulation

  • Enable collaboration with stakeholders

  • Match eligible homes for programs & offers

  • Produce actionable, personalized reports for homeowners

  • Use program results to inform future program design and delivery

Energy Insights can be used by organizations or individuals who need to better understand the energy savings and carbon offset potential of homes without having to do an on-site energy assessment of a home. These include:

  • Governments who have a mandate to engage citizens in the conversation of energy efficiency and/or support stakeholders who do the same
  • Governments who need to report on the carbon of specific regions’ built housing stock

  • Energy efficiency organizations who want to offer improved homeowner experience and outcomes of their energy efficiency programs

  • Social housing organizations or large landlords who have a mandate to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock and track carbon offsets

  • Electric Utilities offering programs (heat pump, financing) to reduce their energy use and drive beneficial electrification

  • Gas Utilities working to improve the overall energy efficiency of their customers' homes to meet their carbon reduction goals

  • Energy services companies (ESCOs) who offer turnkey /financing programs to encourage deep energy retrofits of homes

  • Financial institutions that offer homeowner-loans targeting deep energy retrofits

  • Energy service providers looking to modernize the delivery of home energy audits

  • Manufacturers of products used in improving homes’ who do B to C marketing

  • Marketplaces that want to support customers in their energy efficiency journey and direct them to deep energy retrofit products that meet their unique needs

  • Not-for-profits who want to offer energy efficiency advice to homeowners

  • Organizations working to eradicate energy poverty need to educate homeowners about the energy efficiency potential of their homes in a cost-effective way

  • Organizations that have a Social Corporate Responsibility plan and are looking for tangible solutions to show concrete steps toward carbon reduction

  • Homeowners who want a plan of how to reduce their home’s carbon or energy cost

Today, organizations and governments are struggling to meet their carbon reduction goals for the built housing stock. The process of reducing carbon from the built environment is highly manual, making it slow and complex. The problem is further compounded by the fact there are many stakeholders involved in the process who are all working in silos. In Canada, for example, only 1% of the housing stock is retrofitted yearly.

There is a need to reduce carbon from the built housing stock much faster than the current process allows to meet emission reduction goals.

Climative enables organizations to achieve their carbon goals for the built environment faster and easier. We digitalize and decentralize the deep energy retrofit process for building owners and the stakeholders who support them, including utilities, governments, and service providers. Having a low carbon plan for every building is the foundation to making that happen.