SmartCloud, Inc. Tax Intelligence System

SmartCloud, Inc. Tax Intelligence System

SmartCloud Tax Intelligence System, situational decision support improves tax law compliance.

SmartCloud Tax Intelligence (TIS)

The TIS trial enables you to explore the many ways situational decision support improves tax law compliance through monitoring of transactions, detection of non-compliance, and learning of new non-compliance patterns. The TIS trial is a menu-driven web application embedding Microsoft Power BI to display insights and dashboards of summary data, as well as real-time tax monitoring data.

Real-Time Tax Dashboards

Tax Officials depend on accurate, time-sensitive dashboards to provide a high-level view of activities, audit personnel, and tax revenue data related to compliance. This includes real-time data if it is available. SmartCloud Tax Intelligence System provides flexibility features that tailor displays to your organization’s needs. Examples are provided in the TIS trial, including lists of tax auditors, case management information, tax submission rates by quarter and tax region, and numbers of critical issues currently outstanding.

Real-Time Monitoring, Sales Suppression Example

Tax Auditors depend on actionable data that supports their mission. In the age of Big Data it’s important not to burden auditors with irrelevant information. Focusing on relevance means displaying only situation-specific information. SmartCloud Tax Intelligence visuals hide unnecessary details and highlight the most important aggregations of data for effective compliance management.

Real-time displays provide goal-relevant, situationally-focused, and actionable data. The displays are active, changing as new data arrive with lists of vendors, selection buttons for data drill-downs, and mapping visuals. In the scenario playback, you can see sales suppression by some Vendors, and by inspecting evaluated cash-to-credit ratios. Using Power BI’s interactive drill-down features you can isolate specific Vendors.

Machine Learning Improves Tax Analytics

Tax Analysts continually find patterns of vendor behavior that result from changing business models and economic conditions. Incompliant vendors continually find new ways to avoid detection and Big Data amplifies the problem of recognizing new forms of incompliance.

Machine learning enhances tax analytics by regularly checking data to determine if new patterns emerge. Clustering and deep learning networks provide information Tax Analysts need to see these patterns - even when human experts can’t. Over time machine learning models improve and are effective tools that augment the work of Tax Analysts. The SmartCloud Tax Intelligence System knowledge base includes several rules, tailored by tax experts, that identify when a newly-detected pattern of data rquires investigation.