SmartSpace offers an extensible, Azure-deployed infrastructure for seamless integration of Gen AI.

Don’t know where to start with Gen AI integration? provides enterprise grade infrastructure deployed to your own azure environment, with quick startup UI’s and the API’s required for integration with internal systems or offering external services to your clients.

For a guided installation or more information please book a time with us here or you can view installation and setup instructions here.

What infrastructure offers:

1. You can choose and hot swop any of the following models in your workflows:

a. Google Gemini
b. Anthropic Claude
c. Azure OpenAI
d. OpenAI

e. Hugging Face open source models

2. Access control around workflow setup using Azure Entra (formerly Active Directory).

3. Data segmentation into logical buckets for use in RAG.

4. Data synchronization framework with indexing and vectorisation already taken care of.

5. An Admin UI and Chat UI to quickly configure and test workflows.

6. API’s for integration and delivering required use cases.’s infrastructure is an enterprise accelerant to Gen AI adoption, allowing organisations to focus on delivering use cases rather than build out and maintain the required infrastructure saving valuable time and resources. You do not need to be an AI expert to get started as we have taken care of the heavy lift for you.

For more information please visit our website or book a demo with us.