Solar inCode

Solar Security

Solar inCode

Solar Security

Reveal source code vulnerabilities without the source code

To have your Solar inCode up and running
  • deploy inCode VM in your azure infrastructure
  • contact us at to request your license
  • put the license file license.xml to the folder /home/incode/files on the virtual machine.
  • Solar InCode will be available via your browser on http://localhost:8080 .

    Login: admin

    Password: admin

    To make full use of SAST companies should consider deep integration with the existing software development environment. Solar inCode seamlessly plugs into each stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), thus allowing your developers to run security scans with ease and focus on building applications.

    Control the security of applications, provided to you by third-party developers.

    As a CISO always have an insight into the real security of all the applications built by your RnD staff.

    Power on your inCode virtual machine in Azure Cloud, submit applications for analysis in three clicks and get the detailed report on the security of each specific app in minutes.

    Use iterative checks to maintain the security level of different versions of an application and corresponding level of developing culture dynamic of your RnD team.