Developer WorkStation with Google Chrome®, VSCode® and Windows® 2022

Solve DevOps

Developer WorkStation with Google Chrome®, VSCode® and Windows® 2022

Solve DevOps

Your favourite Operating System, now packaged with your Favourite Browsers and Code Editor.

Windows Server® 2022 is built from the ground up to run on cloud platforms such as Azure, allowing organisations to benefit from the agility and cost savings of the cloud while maintaining control over critical business applications. The list of applications and software you can run on Windows Server is endless, including Active Directory, File Storage Server, DNS Server, Web Server and Application Server. So, whether you are looking for an enterprise-grade server operating system or want to move your data centre workloads off your on-premises servers, don't look further than Windows server 2022.

This Azure Marketplace listing packages Windows Server 2022 together with Google Chrome, Firefox Web browsers, and VSCode editor to allow both Server Administrators and Developers quickly bootstrap their work environments.

Click the “Get It Now” button on the upper left and start enjoying the benefits of the world’s most loved server and desktop operating system on Azure.


Many organisations and businesses have strict requirements for software installed on the base operating system. Unfortunately, building and managing a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) takes considerable time and resources. This image solves that problem by providing a consistently updated image with which your teams can start their environments. Other benefits include;-
  • Reduction of time to deploy Windows operating system for your server environments and developer use cases.
  • Provide an environment that can be used for testing web applications, as this image already has the most popular browsers loaded.
  • Provides an image that can be used in air-gapped environments that have no external connectivity.
  • Provides Server Administrators with an environment to create and edit PowerShell, Bash, .Net, and other code files.


  • Windows Server 2022 with the latest security patches installed.
  • Pre-installed Google Chrome browser
  • Pre-installed Firefox browser
  • Pre-installed VSCode, the world’s #1 code editor
  • Pre-installed Chocolatey software management automation for Windows

The exciting world of Windows Server 2022 awaits you, so click on "Get it Now!" to start your journey to running secure and reliable infrastructure in the cloud.

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