Sophos XG Firewall


4.0 (5)

Sophos XG Firewall


4.0 (5)
Plans and Pricing
This table provides the details about the plans and pricing
Sophos XG Firewall


Sophos XG Firewall offers two pricing options for XG Firewall on Azure: pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and bring-your-own-license (BYOL), providing industry leading price:performance, and the ultimate in flexibility.

PAYG includes all features and functionality of XG Firewall on Azure (FullGuard License). Including Network Protection, Web Protection, Email, and Web Server Protection modules - already installed and ready to go.

You have complete flexibility to select any virtual machine series* for your XG Firewall, allowing you to fine-tune your virtual machine selection and compute costs to meet your exact requirements.

Our recommended Fsv2-series has been chosen to provide the best value in price-performance in the Azure portfolio based on the Azure Compute Unit (ACU) per vCPU.

XG Firewall PAYG recommended VM pricing

Recommended virtual machine sizes Licensing cost per hour in USD**
Standard_F2s_v2 $0.575
Standard_F4s_v2 $1.15
Standard_F8s_v2 $2.30
Standard_F16s_v2 $4.60
Standard_F32s_v2 $9.20
Standard_F64s_v2 $18.40

With BYOL, you can select which modules to license, as well as purchase additional licenses not available for PAYG including Sandstorm and EnterpriseGuard.
Contact Sophos for BYOL pricing at

*Virtual machine series exceptions A0, A1, B1 and B1ms.
** Prices listed are in US Dollars, you can find pricing in your local currency by using the Azure Pricing Calculator.