Remote Inspections Implement and Adopt in 2 weeks

Sopra Steria Norway

Remote Inspections Implement and Adopt in 2 weeks

Sopra Steria Norway

Discover use case, concept and implement Remote Inspections with Azure, Teams, HoloLens and D365

Professional Service: This app is only available in Norwegian. Implement Remote Inspections and adopt to Azure Spatial Anchors, Azure AD, Dynamics 365, Intune, HoloLens 2, Teams, Power Apps. The service includes discover and test a use case for Remote Inspections and implement a POC in 2 wks.

Outcome: After 2 wks your business has adopted Remote Inspections and setup HoloLens 2 with Teams and D365. You can operate and monitor the hardware and software securely with Intune and Azure AD.

Value Proposition: Do you have challenges maintaining production at factories or other facilities? Is it difficult to send service technicians, maintenance personnel, and specialists on sites? Remote Inspections can reduce the effect of travel restrictions, decrease risk of infection, scale services, reduce costs that used to demand on-site inspections and reduce carbon footprint.


• Traveling service technicians and maintenance personnel can increase the risk of COVID-19

• Specialists are restricted from travelling between countries and the cost of travelling has increased

• Loss of productive time when workforce has to travel

• Carbon footprints increase with travelling

• Travel expenses are too high

• Production lines are stopping due to lack of on-site inspections

Solution: Remote Inspections using Azure AD, D365 Remote Assist App, Teams, Intune and HoloLens to take advantage of Microsoft's products to enable Remote Inspections services.


• Reduced travel and carbon footprint

• Factories and production lines are maintained and keeps up production

• Cost saving (time/cost/waste)

• Increased capacity on Assist and assistance from specialists

• Reduced risk of virus outbreak

Services from Sopra Steria

• Discovering use cases and implement concepts through POC, Pilot and roll out

• Provider of HoloLens 2 devices and HMS approved gear incl. AD/AM/AO

• Guidance to adopt D365, Teams, HoloLens, Azure, Intune