Hands-on Lab - Azure Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Spektra Systems LLC

Hands-on Lab - Azure Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Spektra Systems LLC

Hands-on lab environment for Azure Virtual Desktop along with lab guide.

With AVD hands-on lab, Spektra System is enabling you access to a virtual environment with a pre-deployed Azure environment for performing the Azure Virtual Desktop lab exercises without worrying about the resource requirements, cloud spend and specific permissions requirement for trying our AVD in your production subscriptions.  

The lab experience is a perfect tool to build the knowledge and skills to accelerate designing and implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure. The hands-on lab environment is provided for an 8-hour duration. You would be receiving an Azure environment already configured with Azure Active Directory Domain Services (AADDS) and details the lab guide to learn and experience Azure virtual desktop by completing the labs. 

What does it include:

This offer includes an Azure lab environment for learning Azure Virtual Desktop for a duration of 8 hours along with step by steps instructions guide. You will be completing the following exercises

  1. Exercise 1: Create Host Pool from Azure Portal
  2. Exercise 2: Create Application Groups and assign to users
  3. Exercise 3: Access the Published Applications and Desktop using Browser
  4. Exercise 4: Access the Published Applications and Desktop using WVD Desktop Client
  5. Exercise 5: Setup FSLogix
  6. Exercise 6: Monitoring using Log Analytics
  7. Exercise 7: Load Balancing methods
  8. Exercise 8: Create a master image for AVD

Key Learnings:

1. Get a good understanding of AVD terms and concepts

2. Hands-on experience in setting up AVD as an admin.

3. Experience the power of AVD as an end-user.

Lab Duration:

Typically, it takes about 4 hours to complete the lab exercises, however, the lab environment is provided for 8 Hours. Please note that subscriptions are restricted to only allow deploying the required resources for the AVD Lab. 


Please contact in case of questions or concerns about your order.