Binokula Enterprise - Power BI Report Sharing

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Binokula Enterprise - Power BI Report Sharing

Stellar Consulting Group

Share your insights with the world. Binokula - simple, secure and scalable Power BI report sharing.

Binokula Enterprise - Simple Power BI report sharing

Simple for users:

  • Users only need a browser. There is no software to install. They do not need a Power BI Pro or Free license.
  • Users can view Power BI fully interactive reports natively on Mac and iOS devices.
  • Authorized users can share an interactive report with an associate by emailing then a 'report URL link'.
  • Users can log in with their standard Microsoft account, or with a Binokula managed login and password.

Simple for your Administration:

  • Flexible user and report management. Flexible structure for assignment of reports to users.
  • Use Row-Level-Security (RLS) to enable different users to view the same report but only view their data.
  • A single, simple interface that enables administration to be preformed by a business unit.

Maintain and extend your organization's presence:

  • Customize Binokula colors and login pages to your organization's visual standards.
  • Use the Binokula API to share Power BI reports inside your own web portal application. Enables you to use Binokula as a back-end for seamless user authentication and report access management.

Manage your report sharing costs:

  • Scale-up only when you need by adding 50 users at a time.
  • Power BI Embedded node cost optimization solutions are included.

Do you need to get started today and want to provide access to up to 250 users?

Please refer to BINOKULA INSTANT at or contact us.