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Plans and Pricing
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The InfiniDrive high performance network drive for Windows Server enables applications to use Azure Blob Storage as a network accessible storage. Applications can browse, create and update remote objects as they would view and modify files through a regular filesystem.


  • Virtual File System – Applications access Azure storage through a familiar hierarchical network filesystem, using any Windows application or tool. Applications may browse folders, open files, update files and even move folders and files. File actions are transparently translated to object operations by the InfiniDrive drive, including case insensitivity.
  • Infinite Durable Storage – File-based applications can use an Azure Blob Storage for active files whether they run from an office server, in your data center, or in the cloud. IT no longer has to deal with hardware acquisition, backup schedules or even site failover. Data can be archived to Azure storage too and accessed by applications directly without a copy having to be “restored” to a local filesystem.
  • High Performance - The drive is optimized for large and deep folder hierarchies. Metadata and files are cached and only downloaded as needed. Supports dozens of concurrent processes loading and saving files. 
  • Simple Installation - Just provide Azure credentials and the drive is ready to use as a native Windows drive. The drive can run as a Windows service.

Easy Migration to Cloud

Organizations are consolidating desktop and network storage in the cloud, but struggle with the migration of applications and workflows from file-based to object-based storage. The Azure InfiniDrive service allows applications to use cloud storage as if it was a network filesystem or drive. Your "legacy" file-based applications can continue as is, in the data center, or in the cloud.

Key Features

  • The Drive enables objects to be browsed, opened and edited as files from any application.
  • Containers appear as top-level folders – creating folders creates containers or subfolders.
  • Reorganize storage by moving files and folders using Windows Explorer, robocopy or other favorite tools.
  • Moving and renaming of files and folders is supported. File actions are mapped to underlying operations that Azure Storage supports.
  • Files are uploaded asynchronously. Users can view and manage the upload queue.
  • The Drive can be referenced in scripts and used from the command prompt just like local file systems using a drive letter or UNC path.
  • Flexible cache options allow tuning for specific workloads if desired.
  • Fully brandable for white label, OEM or corporate use. Ability to lock down credentials.

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