Stratis C# Full Node

Stratis Group Ltd
Blockchain Platform in .NET Core

Stratis C# Full Node

Stratis Group Ltd

Blockchain Platform in .NET Core

Stratis' enterprise-grade development platform is an end-to-end blockchain solution for native C# and .NET blockchain applications. Our proprietary blockchain combines the modern advances in security and practicality with the latest breakthroughs in network speed, scalability and customization.

The Stratis Full Node in C# is the engine that powers the Stratis Platform. Stratis Full Node employs a future-proof and environmentally sustainable consensus protocol, which can utilize multiple mining algorithms, including Proof-Of-Stake (PoS), Proof-Of-Work (PoW) and further algorithms that are in development. The Full Node maintains an up-to-date copy of the blockchain and can support the Stratis and Bitcoin blockchain network. Each Full Node can autonomously and authoritatively validate blocks and transactions on either network.

Stratis Full Node in C# contains several key components, including but not limited to:

  • P2P
  • Broadcast Manager
  • Connection Manager
  • Consensus Manager
  • Block Puller
  • Coin View
  • Memory Pool
  • Miner
  • Wallet

This offering will deploy a Virtual Machine that is configured at deployment to ensure it contains the latest major version of the StratisBitcoinFullNode repository. In addition, a start-up script has been configured to allow you to intuitively select which network you would like to run and presents you with the available API endpoints.

If you are interested in obtaining a further understanding of how the Stratis Full Node in C# works, please review our extensive documentation hosted on the Stratis Academy.