SMS Reminder for Outlook / Office 365

Streamcurator UG

SMS Reminder for Outlook / Office 365

Streamcurator UG

Save nerves, time and money by sending automated appointment reminder messages from your calendar.

The easiest way to reduce no-shows! Send automated appointment reminders to your clients based on your Outlook / Office 365 calendar events - starts from $9/month with free trial.

How much does a no-show cost your business? With Remind1 you don't have to worry about it anymore!

How it works:

Simply tag your client's name in the calendar event title (Remind1 will get the mobile number from your contacts data) or enter the mobile number directly in the title.

That's it! Remind1 will then automatically remind your client based on your preferences.

Customize to your needs:

  • Set message text, time and sender ID
  • Include a unique link to a customizable appointment page where clients can...
  • confirm or cancel appointments (you can see the status in your calendar or be notified)
  • contact you by phone
  • see appointment time, date and additional information (free text)
  • join video conferences (Works with Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams)
  • see your address on Google Maps and start navigation (supports dynamic addresses from the calendar event location for on-site appointments)

***The first privacy friendly appointment reminder for your calendar! We don't store any personal information of your clients on our servers.***

Remind1 is GDPR compliant, supports 50 countries and starts from $9/month.

Try it for free - no credit card required!