Striim Cloud Enterprise

Striim, Inc.

Striim Cloud Enterprise

Striim, Inc.

Real time data integration, replication and analytics as a Service platform

Striim Cloud is an infinitely scalable, unified data integration and streaming platform that connects clouds, data, and applications in real-time. Built by the team from GoldenGate, Striim has best in market change data capture connectors for Oracle, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB so you can deliver real-time data to Azure Synapse, CosmosDB, Azure SQL, EvenHubs, Azure Databricks and Snowflake with sub-second latency.

Striim Cloud uniquely combines change data capture, SQL data streaming, joins and materialized views to transform your data into analytics-ready schemas as soon as it lands in your analytics platform for true real-time analytics and operations.

Customers like Albertsons, Ciena, and Gartner leverage Striim to stream millions of events with Azure Cloud platforms.

“When we want to build new applications on Striim’s streaming data, it only takes a couple of days — as opposed to months — to deploy.” - Rajesh Raju, Director of Data Engineering at Ciena.

Popular connectors include

  • Sources: Oracle, SQLServer, Salesforce, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kafka, AWS S3
  • Targets: Azure Synapse, CosmosDB, Event hubs, Snowflake, Databricks, Azure Data Lake Storage, Kafka
  • 150+ additional out-of-the-box adapters plus custom streaming connectors via Kafka Connect

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How Striim Pricing Works

Striim Cloud meters your usage based on three simple variables:

  • Striim Events: records acquired from or delivered to an external system. Event pricing starts at $100 / million events and decreases with higher throughput commits to Striim Cloud.
  • Hourly vCPU usage: $0.50/vCPU per hour. You can scale your vCPU usage up and down based on your needs.
  • Data Transfer and Storage: $0.10/gb in, $0.10/gb out.

Additional usage is metered monthly in arrears. Unused credits roll over to the next active billing cycle.