SquaredUp 360° Application Dashboards


SquaredUp 360° Application Dashboards


Real-time dashboards designed for your Microsoft Azure applications and third-party monitoring tools

Transform your monitoring with end-to-end visibility

Being able to visualize data from all your tools in a unified dashboard experience is more important than ever for organizations.

SquaredUp for Azure correlates data from within your Azure environment and combines it with your other monitoring tools in an easy-to-use dashboard platform, with real-time operational intelligence that can be shared across your organization. 

A single pane of glass
  • Monitor all your applications and services in one place, no more silos 
  • Rapidly spot IT issues before they become business problems with a unified, explorable picture of health, performance, and costs 
  • Keep everyone informed with valuable dashboards for everyone who needs visibility, from stakeholders to support teams 

Key features
  • Identify and interrogate availability, performance or cost issues at a glance 
  • Include contextual data from third-party tools like ServiceNow, Splunk, Azure DevOps and many more 
  • Easily create and edit new dashboards with our intuitive designer 
  • Allow real time and unlimited dashboard sharing across your organization with Open Access 

How it works 
  • Dashboards show live data straight from your Azure tenant or other tools 
  • SquaredUp only stores the configuration of your dashboards, not your data 
  • Users must sign in with an Azure AD account to interact with the dashboards and will only see what they have permissions for 
  • Further restrict access to certain dashboards using Team Folders 
  • Share non-interactive dashboards on intranet pages, wallboards etc. with Open Access 

Azure AD administration rights will be required to create an Enterprise Application in AAD. This enables Azure AD logins to SquaredUp. Learn more 

What we create 
  • A Virtual Machine in your Azure tenant, running our web application and IIS, with a small data disk and a public IP address 
  • A read-only Azure application in your Azure AD that will populate your dashboards by querying Azure APIs 

How do I pay? 
We will email you a free 30-day trial license to get you started. You can buy longer term licenses direct from SquaredUp or from one of our partners. Our pricing is simple and transparent, visit Pricing.

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