cloudSwXtch LLC

cloudSwXtch LLC

Multicast on Azure via a virtual network switch (overlay network with IGMP support)


  • has created a high-performance overlay network, cloudSwXtch, that delivers a novel architecture that is optimized for your workflows as it implements networking features and functions that are not provided by cloud providers.

    With cloudSwXtch, existing applications and services that expect standards-based IP multicast will work in Azure without requiring any code changes and with performance that approaches that of bare metal. cloudSwXtch consists of a software-based network switch and a virtual NIC service. Together these components create an overlay network on top of the standard Azure cloud network.


  • cloudSwXtch enables true and seamless IP-multicast. Using multicast instead of unicast optimizes your network configuration and reduces your cloud distribution and egress costs. In addition, receivers can dynamically subscribe and unsubscribe to your streams as workflows dictate. cloudSwXtch alleviates the need to have to configure and unconfigure unicast streams to accommodate downstream receivers.

Protocol Fanout

  • Protocol FanOut can take UDP packets and fan them out to multiple receivers. The UDP packets can be forwarded as multicast or unicast (UDP). This feature allows for connection to applications that don't support multicast but would operate more efficiently in a multicast network.

ST 2022-7 Hitless Merge (coming soon)

  • cloudSwXtch will soon support SMPTE 2022-7. Hitless merging protects against data path failures by sending the same stream via two or more data paths. It compares packet reception from the multiple streams, detecting dropped packets,and reconstructs the output stream in the correct packet order.


  • Visibility down to the packet levelfor enhanced Monitoring and Quality of Service (QoS). wXcked Eye is our monitoringUI that enables users to audit the performance of their cloudSwXtch network. A REST API is provided to manage and control your network your way.


    • Bridging of multicast traffic from on-prem to cloud
    • Bridging of multicast across switch instances between VNets (vNet Peering Required).
    • Full IGMPv2 support, Partial IGMPv3 support (source filtering coming soon)
    • IP Multicast packet payload size up to 3748 bytes
    • Detailed statistics of traffic flow through the switch
    • Maximum of 1000 multicast groups
    • Maximum of 1000 switch connections (limited by plan and instance size)
    • REST API for monitoring and configuration


Important Notice

The cost of running this product is a combination of the selected software plan plus the Azure infrastructure costs of the virtual machines required to run the network architecture. Your Azure infrastructure price might vary if you have enterprise agreements or other discounts. Costs may vary by deployment region.