Synergy SKY - Video Interop

Synergy SKY

Synergy SKY - Video Interop

Synergy SKY

Connect any Cisco / Poly device to all video meetings. Native integration with Microsoft's workflow.

Synergy SKY CONNECT is an award-winning, multi-vendor gateway that connects any traditional video conference endpoint to all Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom meetings.

Keep the Microsoft workflow throughout all video meetings. No new apps introduced. With CONNECT, video users and meeting participants can start their meetings on time in any room. Bridging the gap between traditional video conferences (SIP endpoints) and various web meetings, CONNECT is designed to support all platforms.


  • Use Outlook for all your meeting actions.
  • One source for meeting admin and reports.
  • Compatibility between different technologies internally and externally.

What's inside

  • An interoperability-in-the-cloud platform designed to integrate seamlessly into your current meeting workflow.
  • A self-hosted management suite for video endpoints and meeting rooms.
  • Easy to install. Easy to manage. One license per room.

How it works

This solution includes a cloud-based interoperability service and a self-hosted Management Suite. This dual implementation ensures data privacy while providing the scale and flexibility of a cloud service. The SIP-to-Microsoft Teams interoperability component is hosted in Microsoft Azure, providing proximity to the Microsoft Teams platform and optimized conditions for high audio and video quality.

The self-hosted Management Suite for video endpoints and meeting rooms unifies the collaboration experience and administration across calendars, meeting rooms, and video conferencing platforms. It also provides meeting control for video operation teams and analytical reports for insight into meetings and meeting platform utilization.

Subscription information
By subscribing to Synergy SKY on Azure Marketplace (e.g., by pressing "Get it now" and completing the registration), you will not enter into a binding agreement to purchase Synergy SKY's solution but initiate the process to do so. A representative from the Synergy SKY Sales team will contact you to present applicable prices. A binding agreement with Synergy SKY is not entered into until you and an authorized representative of Synergy SKY AS have agreed on the private offer developed exclusively for you and accepted in Azure Marketplace.

Custom pricing only. The prices listed here in Azure Marketplace are NOT valid for purchase.