Synthesized DataOps Platform

(1 Azure Marketplace ratings)

Synthesized DataOps Platform

(1 Azure Marketplace ratings)

All-in-One AI DataOps Platform; Self-service data provisioning, augmentation and collaboration

Synthesized is the all in-one DataOps platform enabling secure data sharing and collaboration across internal groups, remote teams and external partners.

With Synthesized you can have both data quality and quantity

Unlimited data at your fingertips in the time it takes to bake a pizza

It takes Synthesized about 10 minutes to generate millions of fully representative data points. Through our self-service DataOps platform you can satisfy any and all data needs—you can iterate, accelerate product testing, validate models, and drive new revenue streams, with zero risk to customer privacy.

Spend less time preparing your data and more time innovating with it

Data scientists and test engineers waste up to 80% of their time on finding, collecting and curating data. Remove unnecessary friction in the ML lifecycle and focus on extracting maximum value while remaining privacy compliant. With our best in class Data Quality and Rebalancing features, you can mitigate modelling inaccuracies and provide enhanced data coverage improving quality.

Ensure data fairness

Synthesized can quantify how fair your datasets are and automatically identify biases, allowing you to alter distributions to mitigate bias and avoid the liabilities of biased data. It’s never been simpler to ensure your data is fair and compliant.

Keep an eye on your data quality
With our data profiling tool, you can evaluate the quality of your data and how much data is needed to achieve your project aims. Monitor your data changes over time and get alerted of sudden changes to your data streams.

Collaborate confidently—your data will remain private and secure

Data Clean Rooms unlock data sharing while keeping your data locked down

Sharing data with third-parties creates data leakage and governance risks. Synthesized Data Clean Rooms empower secure data sharing and collaboration across internal groups, remote teams and partners to increase productivity. Data Clean Rooms are pristine isolated and auditable environments ready for use within minutes. Risk-free of any security breaches and without any delays. Maximise data utility while maintaining data security.

Let your testing data work smarter so you don’t have to work harder

Generate multiple privacy preserving and diverse test data scenarios to evaluate the performance of a system in a broad range of applications. Create an unlimited number of high-quality data points that do not have the typical problems of original data (missing values, outliers, biases) and don’t contain sensitive information—allowing easy sharing and utilization of sensitive data.
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