Sysdig Platform - Enterprise Tier


(47 ratings)

Sysdig Platform - Enterprise Tier


(47 ratings)

Secure and monitor containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services on Microsoft Azure.

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Sysdig provides security and visibility to confidently run containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services. Our platform is built on open standards (Falco and Sysdig OSS) and offers a single view of risk across cloud services, containers, and hosts. Sysdig users rely on our platform to understand and prioritize what they can fix in their environment.

Key Benefits:

  1. Detect threats to Microsoft Azure infrastructure in real time

  • Streaming realtime detection with no visibility gaps

  • Unified view of threats across Azure services, cloud and container workloads

  • Based on Falco, the standard for cloud native threat detection

  1. Prioritize vulnerabilities and threats

  • In-use runtime filters reveal what’s actually in use and exploitable

  • Consolidate alerts into a stack-ranked to do list

  • Focus on violations tied to most impacted assets

  1. Fix issues fast with detailed context from Azure cloud logs and AKS

  • Quickly identify which team is responsible using cloud and Kubernetes context

  • Auto-generated pull-requests with fix recommendations

  • Automated workflows integrated with your Incident response / DevOps tools

Key Use Cases:

  1. Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP): Get vulnerability detection, prioritization and remediation for cloud-native workloads such as Containers, Kubernetes / AKS clusters and Hosts. Automate scanning within CI/CD pipelines and registries, efficiently flag vulnerabilities, identify owners, and block deployment of images exploitable at runtime. Learn more about Cloud Workload Protection Platform. (CWPP).

  2. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM): Save time with out-of-the-box policies for PCI/NIST/SOC2, identify misconfigurations and compliance violations, and measure progress with detailed reports. Learn more about CSPM - Cloud Security Posture Management.

  3. Cloud Detections and response (CDR): See all threats with Falco, the open standard for threat detection, prevent lateral movement with Kubernetes network policies, and conduct incident response to ensure workload security. Learn more about CDR - Cloud Detection and Response.

  4. Kubernetes and Cloud Services Monitoring: Monitor performance and capacity, accelerate troubleshooting using granular data, and scale Prometheus monitoring using custom metrics across clusters and clouds. Also monitor and optimize Kubernetes costs.