Syskit Point


(3 ratings)

Syskit Point


(3 ratings)

Discover, Secure, and Control your Microsoft 365

Do you need to transform complex Microsoft 365 environments into easily managed ones?

Syskit Point simplifies how you manage Microsoft 365 at scale. Automate governance, secure collaboration, and gain deep visibility into your entire environment. It is an intuitive and scalable management platform made by IT professionals, for IT professionals.

Trusted by the world’s leading organizations to manage Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Power BI, Syskit Point has over 3000 enterprise customers worldwide – Lego, Volvo, IBM, Coripharma, iTeos, etc.

Key benefits

    • Visibility and discovery Saving hours of manual work across admin centers and unifying data from multiple M365 workloads.
    • Security – Better understanding and managing who has access to your sensitive data while retaining complete control of your environment.
    • Governance and control – Enforcing various policies and managing workspaces lifecycle from their creation to the end of life. Syskit Point’s powerful engine enables you to apply policies to all workspaces automatically. Avoid sprawl, and regularly clean up inactive resources.

Key features

    • Microsoft 365 environment overview
    • Microsoft 365 reporting
    • Microsoft 365 configuration inventory
    • Microsoft 365 access management
    • Microsoft 365 auditing
    • Microsoft 365 alerts
    • Microsoft 365 automated governance
    • Microsoft 365 provisioning

What our customers say

For Managing and Documenting the security of our SharePoint Online environment, by far the best and easiest tool to use.” F. Kluijtmans, Senior System Administrator, Royal Mosa

“Fast, responsive, helpful, friendly, and open for suggestions – that’s how I would describe the Syskit team. And the tool – works flawlessly from day one, giving us great governance and security benefits for our Teams!” Robert Preskar, Head of IT projects, ERP, and digitalization at Rimac Group

About Syskit

Syskit (est. 2009.) is a software development company dedicated to creating easy-to-use, state-of-the-art management and governance solutions for Microsoft 365 and providing exceptional support service.

Gartner mentioned Syskit in several reports. The latest ones (published in 2023) are available to Gartner’s subscribers here:

Other Gartner mentions are listed on Industry Research And Analyst Reports - Syskit .

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