Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform, Inc.

Tackle Cloud Marketplace Platform, Inc.

Tackle eliminates the friction of listing your product on the Azure Marketplace

Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform drastically reduces your time to list and sell products on Azure Marketplace with zero engineering resources required. We enable your Revenue, Finance/Operations, and Product teams to easily interface with Azure Marketplace and leverage them to drive revenue fast. Our platform provides the visibility, clarity, and ease of use necessary to manage your business and scale your Azure Marketplace operations.

Tackle’s Cloud Marketplace Platform is made up of the following components depending on plan and add-ons selected: 

Smart Onboarding

Start selling faster with this feature, align internal stakeholders, and get your listing content customized and ready for the Marketplace.

Listing Management

Manage the listing and API communication with Azure, and get paid when customers purchase your product through the Marketplace.

Order Notification

Consolidate communications so that you get a simplified notification when an action (purchase, upgrade, modification, refund, cancellation, etc.) occurs.

Marketplace Data Feeds

Leverage easy-to-use reports to understand your Azure Marketplace orders, customers, fees and revenue in one platform.

Private Offer Acceleration

Make Marketplace selling easier by providing sales leaders and finance and operations teams with a simple way to send private offers, track the status of each offer (offer opened, offer viewed, offer accepted), and summarize all private offers in a single view.

Metering Abstraction w/ Transaction APIs

Create a unified API and user experience across clouds for pay-as-you-go or additional usage charges to customers. Tackle’s Easy Metering feature provides a simple interface to pass the latest metered values to the Marketplace for billing, turning the metering activity into a business operations function instead of a technical engineering function.

Slack Connector

Receive real-time alerts in Slack of Marketplace activity on your listings, and give all stakeholders visibility into events as they happen.

Marketplace Insights (Full Reporting)

Get advanced reporting and insight to understand sales across listings and Marketplaces, tracking renewals, contracts, revenue and fees.

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