Quris - Clinical Guidelines


Quris - Clinical Guidelines


Clinical guidelines, protocols and pathways accessed via web, mobile, online and offline.

Why does Quris exist?

Clinicians need accurate, current and accessible information when a patient's care depends on it. With the increasing volume and pace of change, sifting through reams of fragmented and often outdated information has become the norm. The consequence? Inconsistent practice, ineffective decision-making and ultimately, patient suffering. Our mission is to deliver accurate information to clinicians - anyplace, anytime.

What is Quris?

Quris is a digital platform that empowers clinicians to make more effective decisions by providing them with accurate information anytime, anywhere. Unlike paper-based solutions and Intranets, Quris, is the first of its kind that uniquely delivers on three promises:

Accurate information:  Access local guidelines, handbooks, protocols, pathways, and more. Built using the latest industry standards Quris; ensures quality and rigor of content while integrating with all EHR systems. 

Anyplace:  Access content at your fingertips online and offline through the Quris; mobile app (iOS/Android) and web. Never worry about the high risks and costs of server or connectivity!

Anytime:  Instantly access content 24-7 and empower clinicians to make effective decisions at point of care. Managing an emergency and need to relay information quickly? Looking to push out a policy update? Cascade key information to those who need it with a click of a button.

Who is Quris for?

We work with healthcare organizations, from community hospitals to universities to individual departments. Quris is the trusted choice by leading organizations, including the University of Washington, University of Michigan, and the University Medical Centre of New Orleans, it is also being used as a countrywide system by the National Health Service (NHS) Scotland, UK.

How to get started with Quris?

Want to get started. We can have you up and running with three simple steps:

1) Identify content:  Identify the information and resources that you'd like to ensure your clinicians have instant access to, including clinical handbooks, policies, protocols, pathways and more. We manage the work to organize, structure and input your resources using international recognized templates.

2) Review and approve: When ready, the content is reviewed and approved using your existing governance processes/editorial team(s)

3) Go live:  Now you're ready to unlock access for clinicians, teams and staff by delivering quality assured, up-to-date, information anytime, anywhere, and on any device. From here on you will be able to track usage, allow users to feedback, understand improvement needs, alert and notify user to changes, and much more.

What's next....?   Contact us to find out how Quris has worked for organizations like yours.