Leasing and asset management platform for commercial real estate.

Talox is a software platform that brings commercial real estate leasing and asset management into a single place. It helps real estate owners and brokers increase efficiency and gain deeper insights, so they are better equipped to maximize revenues and asset values. Talox is cloud-native to enable industry wide collaboration. This creates efficiency gains that have not previously been possible, allowing real estate teams to lease spaces faster and manage their data smarter. It also helps owners and brokers to: Centralize portfolio data to make smarter business decisions with leasing, asset and tenant info in a single place. Simplify deal management by signing leases faster, improving conversion rates and reducing unit void periods with real-time data. Enhance collaboration to increase efficiency by having one place to work and communicate, whether at the office or on the go. Deep analytics & reporting to be up to speed with automated reports on deal pipeline and asset performance.