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Tech Mahindra Limited

Optimize Warehouse Shipping and Receiving Operations with AI

Current Scenario:

A large warehouse handles hundreds of inbound and outbound truck shipment every day. Even though operations inside a warehouse are highly streamlined and optimized, operations at the loading dock still remain a bottleneck to efficient movement of freight into and out of a warehouse.

The Current Challenge:

  • Manual scanning, verification, and validation of all inbound and outbound freight at the loading dock is time-consuming and a major reason for high Truck Turn-Around-Times and detention charges.
  • Also, mistakes in manual verification and unnoticed damages lead to expensive freight claim liabilities.
  • There is an urgent need for an system that can scan all inbound and outbound freight and verify it automatically.

Introducing DockSight:

DockSight is an automated system that uses sensor towers to automatically scan all inbound and outbound freight right at the dock and automatically verify the contents and also check for possible damages. It can:

  1. Flag all Overages, Shortages and Damages in inbound freight
  2. Flag mis-shipments in outbound freight
  3. Automatically generate ASNs and GRNs
  4. Provide visual proof of material condition to support freight claims
  5. Provide real-time visibility into dock operations across entire facility
  6. Analytics of dock operations to improve productivity

Business Benefits:

  1. Reduced Truck Turn-Around Time by upto 40%
  2. Reduced shipping and receiving costs