Private 5G Wireless Network

Tech Mahindra Limited

Private 5G Wireless Network

Tech Mahindra Limited

Manage & Operate Network with Tech Mahindra Private 5G Wireless Network suite on Azure

5G Made Easy

Leveraging decades of telecom network expertise on managing large scale Telecom network design and deployments,

Tech Mahindra in partnership with Microsoft Azure, Enterprise can now realize immediate reductions in Operational expenditure while simultaneously transforming and managing operations for the demands of new 5G applications.

Offered as a service, “Private 5G Wireless Network suite on Azure” allows Enterprises to incubate, scale, manage and transform their networks with Private 5G.

Tech Mahindra’s End to end Orchestration solution ‘’ enabled with Private 5G build over Microsoft Azure cloud distributed edge platform provides seamless and quicker experiences to roll out on premises wireless infrastructure for enterprises.

Tech Mahindra Starter Kits:

Private 5G Wireless Network Starter kit: Automated private 5G network solution powered by Tech Mahindra orchestration and monitoring services

Tech Mahindra Azure Private 5G Starter Kit for manufacturing:

    • Augmented reality enabled remote assistance in manufacturing repair and overhaul. Customizable options include digital manuals, inline training, and support.
    • Video analytics enabled LineSight solution helps optimize assembly line operations of workstations in Manufacturing shop floor.
Tech Mahindra Azure Private 5G Starter Kit for Logistics:

    • ContainerSight is Container management and damage inspection solution that eliminates false claims, avoid reputation loss and help manage the container effectively.
    • Video analytics enabled DockSight solution helps to optimize warehouse shipping and receiving operations.
NOTE: The above-mentioned starter kits are available with options of 1 Radio (Approx 10K sqft coverage), Customizable option includes multiple Radios based on the coverage area, exact location and digital use case(s) as per requirement.

Private 5G Wireless Network suite Features

Ready to use end to end private 5G powered network stack spanning from

Device --> Network--> Core/Edge --> Digital App Platform

Flexible Plug and play Starter Kit for incubation

  • 5G based services orchestration and E2E Lifecycle management
  • Network and application assurance and Closed loop automation
  • 5G use case enablement with seamless experience
  • 24/7 support
Automatic provisioning of policies and configuration across enterprise network domains for automated and scalable set-up. across multiple customer sites.

All the above-mentioned details and solutions are also available for 4G/LTE.