Teradata Vantage (DIY, IntelliSphere)


Teradata Vantage (DIY, IntelliSphere)


Advanced analytics platform providing fastest path to secure, scalable, high-performance analytics.

Teradata Vantage is an integrated analytics platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence used to analyze all your data, all the time. Vantage provides the fastest path to scalable, high-performance analytics to tackle your most complex business challenges.

Vantage combines commercial and open-source analytic technologies to operationalize insights and enable descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescription analytics by delivering the best analytic functions, preferred tools and languages, and support for multiple data types.

Vantage offers full integration with your favorite tools and languages (SQL, Python, R) and data sources (Azure Blob, Hadoop) to deliver the answers you need. Vantage software and features are consistent across all deployment options.

This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) subscription to the Vantage Advanced SQL Engine includes embedded analytic functions such as 4D analytics (time series, geospatial, temporal), nPath, sessionization, attribution, and scoring functions.

Apart from the Advanced SQL Engine, Teradata Vantage also includes rights to use the following Teradata ecosystem applications that can be deployed as part of this offer or separately at a later time:

  • Teradata Viewpoint (for Multiple Systems) allows administration and management of your Teradata Vantage system
  • Teradata Data Stream Controller allows users to back up and restore data from Azure Blob storage
  • Teradata Server Management provides monitoring and alerting capabilities for your Teradata Vantage system
  • Teradata Query Service provides API access to your data in Teradata Vantage
  • Teradata Data Mover allows users to move data between Teradata Vantage systems in Azure or on-premises
  • Teradata QueryGrid allows users to access and query data in Hadoop (including Azure HDInisght), Spark, Presto clusters in Azure or on-premises
  • Teradata Unity allows users to keep data in sync between two Teradata Vantage systems in Azure or on-premises

Customer Support 

  • Teradata Premier Cloud support is included with Base, Advanced, and Enterprise software tiers. Developer software tier includes forum support only. 
  • Note: You must register here for a Teradata Access account in order to receive Premier Cloud Support for your Vantage on Azure system
  • For more information regarding support, please check out the support section of our FAQs  

Important Information

  • This offer does not support self-service upgrades by customers. If the Teradata Vantage system needs to be upgraded to latest supported versions, please contact Teradata to purchase upgrade services.